Simple Operation

Set for 24 hours a day, the minimum
interval of 30 minutes.

Automatic loop

No need to manual change


Accuracy ±30 mins


Times insertion/withdrawal test


Flame retardant grade at 750 degrees

  • Fish tank

    Cycle switch fish tank Change the water timely for fresh oxygen,so as to take care of your pets’ health..

  • Router

    According to your lifestyle using router, it can prolong service life.

  • Water heater

    According to your habit of using, water heater, so as to avoid repeated, thus more energy saving.


You can use it as a socket or as the timer.

Set for 24 hours a day, the minimum
interval of 30 minutes.

TIMER ON the device connected will turn
ON and OFF at programmed timer settings.

outlet on, the device connected will remain
ON all the time.

The timer has a two-pin socket,
so you can use it as a socket

USB Wall Socket

Creatively put the ordinary power outlet and USB DC power socket into combination, eliminating the
trouble to carry the USB charging head of appliance.

  • The shell using the imported high-quality PC material, high toughness, excellent flame retardant performance.

  • The stamping parts using of high-quality Phosphor Cooper, with the advantages of higher strength, better elasticity, harder to deform, and better conductivity.

  • Socket protection door, the design of double protection door is to prevent sole polar from inserting.

Your “Original”Charger

It's designed for Residential / General-Purpose, for most of smart devices which needs USB power supply.
Provide the same power as the original charger,does not damage the battery life.  

Diverse Types

A variety of socket standard options, can match the plug around the world.

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