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Travel photo album

Travel photo album
Issue Time:2016-11-11
The morning of the day of the activity, the sunshine was hanging high over the ground, the birds were flying together, and we, waiting at the gates of the company awaiting our 5-star shuttle. 
Sorry!! We actually didn't have any of the above. I can't keep playing a trick on you like that.

But in reality, it was actually a day that was a sunny day perfectly suited for an outing. There were so many activities to entertain ourselves with. But I have to say, there is one thing that left the deepest impression on me. Can you guess?

The team-building activity training!!,The most important thing,of course, is the team-building. The first time I came out from the mountain, we met a few obstacles. Add to that the fact that we're usually not that brave, and that we're usually scared.  I supported my teammates. I was at the front of the line helping to clear obstacles from the path and give encouraging words. Also to be by your side and talk with you to let you forget your fears.  So there are some roads that if you travel by yourself, you will be able to walk 'til the end, but it will be lack joy. At the same time, there will be endless unknowns and fears. But when you have teammates that travel forward with you, you will support each other and be able to do twice the work with half the effort. So when working together with people, remember to trust your family, have solidarity and friendship, and mutual help are truly very important. 
Ok, enough out of me. Click to read the full article. But for now, I'll let you guys see my bitterly difficult, but interesting, outing. 


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