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A TOP SALES adjustment change confession!

A TOP SALES adjustment change confession!
Issue Time:2017-04-26

A TOP SALES adjustment change confession!

 The 2017-04-25 treasure cheung treasure cheung

 The simple things perfectly!


HI, everybody! I am the sales of Daisy from treasure cheung Chen, Chinese name "Kim yeon", so, every time your company meeting everyone at the mention of "sharing experience" of time, always attract burst into laughter. Can bring you happy, what's wrong? BXST partner, however, is often called me TOP SALES, name, is a symbol, name, is not important, the key is - who are you?


 Here, take a look at me now... , external PK activities, and team partners hand in hand, award-winning, red body! In addition to talk about work with foreign customers, will let the friendship of landlord and version, and they are laughing! Ha ha, beauty? !


 Behind the flashy, is honed and growth. I remember early up chunks cheung, is not like this. Want to see what I look like seven years ago? It is more "youngor"? Ha ha, is all the fault of the immaturity of! See next to the BOSS, it is the first time we attend the Canton fair, also have some young? Sun to you a few pictures of a few days ago to attend the Canton fair, isn't it a bit at the paradiso!


 Remember science cafes Newton said such a sentence: I see more than others far, is because I stand on the shoulders of giants. To paraphrase this sentence I want to say is: are the transformation of growth today, thanks to BXST this platform.

On the platform, you will get a variety of learning opportunities; You can also with BXST friend together to participate in a variety of outdoor promotional activities; The company will provide a platform, let you share with your family in BXST growth and the joy of harvest; Here, all you feel from the organization and family to give care and help.


 Perhaps, that is only part of the things. In the eyes of ordinary people, professional foreign trade salesman is a super beauty, can travel around the world, with a good salary, but to become a real TOP SALES, my experience is that you must have a "able to nine days to travel on the penta-ocean catch turtles" boldness and courage. 2016 Africa trip to visit customers, make me realize what wars, what is hard-won peace, what is to cherish the present... Who is our protector products very popular in these areas? Choose a company, choose a career that is to choose a bear! Well, isn't me a person in a fight, stand behind my back, is BXST team.


 BXST is an advocate of "innovation, responsibility, sharing" enterprise, I also is not a Closed one. After work, I will often invited by some social groups, and universities, to share my experience and experience with colleagues and students. BXST is also an advocate of "happy work, happy life" team, here, in addition to work, and poetic and travel, in this respect, the BOSS is a person physically. Here, I also have a group of like-minded brothers and sisters, they love life and sports very much. Free time, I'll invite friends, cycling, female knight-errant play time! Sometimes, together with colleagues, family leave charm up.and in the marathon competition.


 In BXST, changing seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, the time taken is young, and I gained experience and growth, and full of hope for the future. Our department, but also from the original 2 people, to double digits. Look, this is our team now. If you are a passionate, full of hope for the future, want to use a platform to achieve the dream, so, please join our BXST team, because we are the BEST - the BEST team!!!!

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