Remote Control

The use of intelligent remote control
technology, stable performance,
low power consumption.

Easy to operate

The electrical appliances without remote control function can also be controlled with no need of
additional remote controller.


the core using high temperature PC + ABS engineering plastics, 125 ℃ deformation


carrying power, to ensure that the wire carrying 2500W without heating

100 million

plug 100 million times without fatiguegood contact is hard to fire


anti-flame material will protect the wire from burning

Remote control within 30 meters

The transmitor can control 3 appliances at the same time.

Simple and Stylish

Simple structure, practical and reliable.
Shrapnel using high-elastic phosphor bronze.

Wireless Digital Doorbell

Precise “same frequency and different codes"technology, anti-intererence ability, repetition rate of less than 1/1000000.

Built-in Stereo Speakers

64-polyphonic high-quality music IC, to make the sound more crisper, sweet, louder. The receiver can
be wall-mounted or fait on the table directly. Receiver must control within 200 meters.

Battery lasts up to 2 years

Remove panel on the backside of the remote and insert inclouded 12V battery.

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